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We, however, take note of a significant oc- currence at the Bermuda gathering which is both heartening and discouraging, at once.

Ac- cording to news dispatches. Washington offi- orqnge report that in his talks with Sir Winston. President Eisenhower felt that Egypt must be put under a promise not to attack Israel as part of the settlement of the British-Eqyptian dispute over the Suez Canal. On the face of it, this shows the Administration's continuing desire to maintain friendly relations with the Jewish State despite its concurrent need to foster Arab cllegiances. But more thorough study of Mr. Eisenhower's proposal and the circumstances which must have motivated it, seem to bring forth a gloom- ier atmosphere. No nation can speak for an- other.

This would appear especially true for the case of Great Britain and Egypt under its fiery leader. Sir Winston's discussion with Mr. Eisenhow- er, indicates otherwise.

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As we see it. Throughout the day, volunteer workers will canvass the area in a determined effort to bring the Jewish State's message to resi- dents here. The story of Israel's rebirth in our time is the miracle of this age. The influx there, sinceof hundreds of thousands of persons - remnants of Hitler's holocaust, the poverty- stricken and the unwanted in many Near East- ern lands to the point where the young re- public's population has doubled itself is a prac- tical fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. But no nation can survive on good intentions, alone. Industry and commerce are the vital elements that make the difference between marginal survival and flourishing existence.

Through them, an arid land is made fertile. Through them, the creative and productive im- pulse of a people is brought forth. The Israel Bond drive throughout our nation and locally has done much to help the Jewish State upbuild its industrial potential. This will be the story BIG Day volunteers will bring to our community in their city-wide canvass on Sunday. It is up to each one of us to hear them out and to purchase bonds.

Ours, also, is the duty to join in datig ranks and to bring Israel's tale of rebirth and upbuilding to our neighbors. Malvina Liebman has since been ap- pointed director of elementary education here by School Superintendent W. Meyers is the second woman i serve on the Board. Her role in local civic, religious and philanthropic work could hardly be des- cribed in less than many columns, but it is significant to note that her career began as a school teacher at the age of 16, that she later became a nurse, entered seex public health work for the Red Cross and studied law at night. Meyers entered the Bar. She founded and is past president of the Florida Federation of Women Lawyers and is a mem- ber and past treasurer of the federation's na- tional organization.

Meyers is treasurer of the International Federation of Women Lawyers. Liebman's career, devoted almost ex- clusively to education, is a tale of gratifying success. At the age of She began to teach at that school 23 years ago and subse- quently became its principal. With her ap- pointment to the post of director of elementary education last week, Mrs. Liebman has achiev- ed one of the highest positions in her chosen profession. It is a tribute to both these women that their work has not prevented them from assuming active roles in the Jewish community. Liebman have brought credit to the area in which they reside.

Every place has nice people and jerks. I could once again live in all of the places I lived before and do fine. Maybe West Modesto would be the hardest place. I really like the desert. I think this person who put this list together is on the very young side. There are a lot of wonderful places in California. One that did not make the list is Visalia.

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I love that place. I really loved Yucca Valley because of the weather, the clean air, the small town feel, the music, Casuaal proximity to the lower desert for work, and some of the stores. Another town that did not show up was Banning, which is a real sleeper. I think Riverside is also a very interesting city. In my opinion, Dana Point was way, way, way underrated. That place, and nearby San Juan Capistrano, are really very nice. I am very much enjoying living in Clovis. The crime is low, the shopping is close, the people are very friendly.

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