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Treasures of the Baffin Sea

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Day 10 Fort Ross Sailing Bellot Strait Ship 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner Fort Ross is an abandoned daging post daring the tip of Somerset Island founded in as a place for trappers to barter arctic fox pelts in exchange for food and necessities. Explore the remaining wooden buildings of the post, which closed inand imagine life in such a barren landscape. Keep an eye out for bowhead whales. The strait separates Somerset Island in the north and then Boothia Peninsula to the south.

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To the east is Murchinson Promontory, the northernmost part of mainland North America. As you sail, there may be opportunities to view polar bear, snow geese, and from a distance, musk oxen. He called this place 'the finest little harbor in the world. The John Ross expedition of had previously visited this region and the ill-fated John Franklin expedition of perished nearby, so Gjoa Haven is often visited by Arctic history buffs. Approach via zodiac with opportunities for hiking. The village was named after J. Holman, a member of the Inglefield expedition searching for the lost Franklin party.

The voyage teems with wildlife that includes the migrating bowhead whale, ne, moose, musk ox, arctic fox, and 94 xx of birds. Voyage yourself to a ne of relaxation in the spa or voyage in shape in the fitness centre.

The village witnessed significant daring due to datimg exploration, and sinlges recent years, with the establishment of the Holman Eskimo co-op, residents of the hamlet have developed the local economy with the production of arts and crafts, particularly Holman prints. This rare geological phenomenon has likely been occurring for millennia, with layers of the relatively delicate mineral jarosite covering these hills. Set off to meet the inhabitants of Holman for an unforgettable moment in the midst of a welcoming community.

As you visit this village in the Canadian Far North, admire the prints and other objects created by the very rich local craftsmanship. Traditional singing and dancing are also part of the daily life of this commune, to the great delight of fans of Inuit culture.

The village of Holman, also called Ulukhaktok, is one of those places in which you can share Ault authentic experience in a remote land. It was given its name in by the naturalist John Richardson, in honour of the British polar explorer Sir John Franklin. Adklt Bay always offers fine occasions to come across marine safissivik. During your cruise here, you will also see singpes famous smoke column show at Smoking Hills, which are cliffs made of sulphur and lignite in beautiful yellow, ochre and brown colours. A little above the Arctic Circle, you will slowly cruise towards the natural wonder of the Beaufort Sea. Here, the sea boasts one of the largest varieties of marine mammals in the world, with seals, polar bears, walruses, bowhead whales, grey whales… This sea is an essential habitat for species that depend on ice, and is home to the largest population of elegant belugas.

It is easy to understand why many explorers were fascinated by this Sea: The Canadian Arctic Archipelago is composed of a myriad of islands and reveals landscapes you will only see at this far end of the world. Come and discover the small canadian island of Herschel, a frozen paradise located in the Beaufort Sea, within the Ivvavik National Park.

During an expedition inSir John Franklin was the first european to lay eyes on these unique places and their inhabitants, the Inuvialuit, the nordic cousins of the Inuit. It was during this trip that he named the island after one of his friends, John Herschel, a brilliant british astronomer and scientist. Herschel Island is a landmark in the West Arctic and has since served alternately as a whaling station, a relay station and a refuge for travellers. Using a generalized multivariate framework, glacier ice front thickness vertical height in the water column was a significant covariate in all models. A negative relationship with glacier velocity was included in several models and glacier front width was a significant predictor in the s.

Results suggest narwhals prefer glaciers with potential for higher ambient freshwater melt over glaciers with silt-laden discharge. This may represent a preference for summer freshwater habitat, similar to other Arctic monodontids. Introduction Arctic and subarctic glacial fjords are characterized by high rates of productivity that lead to rich marine ecosystems, including high densities of seabirds, marine mammals and fishes [ 1 ]. Fares are based on double occupancy and are capacity controlled. Rates may increase at any time as the ship sells out and are subject to change without notice.

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