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The author said Trump's escalation to the White House had made her a symbol of the East European dream but - Oksanen wondered europeann - at what cost? Melania comes from a certain background, one that overshadows her personality: Of course, it is not only eastern European women who face such stereotypes. Protesters outside the Trump Hotel in New York. The author's mother is Estonian and her father is Finnish.

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Start a foundation, visit shelters, raise awareness, help people to slt the signs of trafficking and abuse, and give courage to victims to come forward - make them feel they have the right to do so. The letter, printed in several newspapers in four languages across the Nordic countries on Thursday, calls on Trump to break her silence and help change the world. And though her being a woman and an immigrant should yield some sympathies from liberals, their silence was deafening when she got slut shamed by Ted Cruz supporters mostly for posing naked.

During communist times, children were encouraged to memorise rather than to think for themselves.

eiropean Like Trump, Oksanen also has an Eastern European background. Your accent alone suddenly let everyone know you were for sale, and cheap," Oksanen wrote. You can be a hero to us all," Oksanen wrote. If Melania had the same background as Ivanka, would media expectations of her be any different?

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And unfortunately, nothing suggests that she might use her new influence to address the problem of stereotypes about eastern European women. In the West, women cast them suspicious glances, and men ogled them, all of which came as a complete surprise to the newcomers, presumably including you. European woman, Finnish author writes in scathing open letter Finnish author Sofi Oksanen has published a scathing open letter to US First Lady Melania Trump, urging her to speak up about the stigmatisation and sexualisation of women from the former Soviet bloc. Yet many articles describe Melania only as dull and uncharismatic: This myth has been debunked since, in an open letter by a number of scholars to the Balkanistand by Polish author Agata Pyzik in Jacobin.

There is nothing sluh empowering in being somebody's wife. She said she got the impression that women from the East thought that "Western men were a kind of dream job that would open up a new world of social and economic opportunities for them. Some time before marrying the reality TV show host as she embarked on her fashion modelling career, Trump changed her Slovenian birth name Melanija Knavs to Melania Knauss.

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