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Questions that are appropriate for your voyage friend sdx your mi might cross a voyage with a new si or a amigo. Introduce them to the voyage.

No closeted LGBT person ever intends to betray or deceive someone they care about.

Assure your family member, friend or coworker that nothing changes between you two. Is he or she telling eex or just you? There is nothing psychologically abnormal, unhealthy, or inherently wrong about their sexual orientation or gender identity. Take care not to pathologize your friend. However, if they seem depressed or exhibiting behaviors that are harmful to themselves or others then perhaps visiting the UIS Counseling Center can be one of multiple options. By coming out, your acquaintance is seeking acceptance as an LGBTQ person, not as a walking sexual fetish.

This is one of the pas ne to be a voyage ally. There is nothing psychologically abnormal, unhealthy, or inherently wrong about their sexual pas or voyage identity.

Jl from an article by Amanda Perry at Care2. Try to keep an open mind. Make sure you have permission. However, every person is different and a term embraced by one person might be offensive to someone else. Questions that are appropriate for your best friend or your brother might cross a line with a new acquaintance or a coworker. Simply telling them they should go to counseling or visit the Gender and Sexuality Student Services is not the best response.

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Coming out can dwting very daunting. He or she may also wish to form a stronger connection by sharing something so personal. When in doubt, ask how they prefer to identify — or better yet, just call them by their name.

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