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Did you know mother's milk is older than dinosaurs? Or that the "biological recipe" of milk differs for sons and daughters? Or that milk doesn't just build babies but fuels them too? Mother's milk is the food, medicine and message that organize a baby's brain, body and behavior. What we take for granted in the grocery store dairy aisle has been shaped by hundreds of millions of years of natural selection. As scientists decode the mysteries of milk, we gain essential new tools for human health and well-being. Pathotypes were confirmed, and data were added to strains identification. When comparing relative frequencies, the chi-square test was used for establishing or discarding a link between qualitative variables.

Results Forty female and 43 male infants were studied, aged from 20 days to 5 years; the average age was 10 months. All children showed an adequate nutritional status and hydration level upon onset of acute diarrhea. Other basic clinical data of the children with diarrhea caused by a single enteropathogen are shown in Table 2. Ongoing diarrhea was watery in 24 children Clinical findings as related to etiology of diarrhea. Cases occurred throughout the year, with higher frequency in late spring and summer. Number and Types of Detected Enteropathogens One or more potentially pathogenic enteric agents were identified in 30 of the 83 children There were 33 enteropathogens identified: DEC distribution was as follows: Three children showed coinfections: Viruses were found as single diarrhea-associated pathogens in 13 children and DEC in 14 cases.

Individual colonies were available for further studies in 13 of the 17 samples in which PCR yielded positive results for DEC. This could not be done with the 4 other DEC suspected plates. Table 3 shows the pathotypes and serotypes of recovered DEC isolates. Recovered EIEC isolates were lactose and lysine-decarboxylase positive, motile, and indol negative. API 20E identification code was the same for both No Salmonella, Yersinia enterocolitica, Shigella, or Campylobacter isolates were recovered. Microscopic examination did not show any spiral bacteria suggestive of Campylobacter.

Clinical presentation of cases as related to etiology is shown in Table 2. Bloody diarrhea was significantly associated with aEPEC etiology: In those 3 cases, there was no virus coinfection. Rotavirus-infected children presented with vomiting more frequently This difference was not significant. Regarding rotavirus vaccine status, none of the children had been vaccinated at the time of entering the study.

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Antimicrobial Susceptibility Most aEPEC studied strains showed some antibiotic resistance, with ampicillin, cefradine, sulbactam-ampicillin, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole resistance being detected, as shown in Table 3. Two strains were resistant to three mentioned compounds, and 1 to two of them. Discussion The main observation in this girks was that DEC, and rela aEPEC, were the most frequent pathogens found in this group of children, who lived in small towns of southern Uruguay. Rotaviruses were also frequently detected. All recovered EPEC Mdet were classified as atypical, due to the lack of bfp plasmidic genes as revealed by negative PCR results [ palka ].

STEC and aEPEC have other antigenic and virulence Meet real girls in palma soriano in common, for which their relationships deserve attention and analysis in terms of molecular epidemiology. Fecal leucocytes are seldom found in EPEC infections. However, more sensitive approaches may disclose intestinal inflammatory features or blood contents in diarrheal episodes associated with EPEC [ 2829 ]. In our study, a significant association was seen between aEPEC infection and bloody diarrhea; aEPEC were present in feces of 3 out of 5 children with bloody diarrhea, a clinical presentation causing concern for parents and health workers.

Two of those three strains could be serotyped: H21 serotype that was previously isolated by other workers as a STEC pathotype strain [ 31 ]. H21 isolate was obtained from a child who underwent surgery due to intestinal intussusception, a condition not easily distinguishable from HUS. Complete sequencing of these and other aEPEC isolates recovered from children with bloody diarrhea may eventually disclose their genetic relation with STEC strains. In America, tEPEC as defined through classic serogroup determination was prevalent some decades ago, mainly in developing regions [ 131538 ]. More recent surveillance work has revealed that aEPEC are more frequent than tEPEC in high-income and also in low income populations and regions [ 39 — 45 ].

In Uruguay, tEPEC and aEPEC still cocirculated 15 years ago among poor children [ 16 ], but aEPEC are prevalent in recent years both in children of high and low socioeconomic groups, as shown in this study and in another study performed using identical methods, that included children from high-income households [ 14 ]. They really took care of my wife, who was travelling alone this time.

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