Wot tog ii matchmaking

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TOG II matchmaking

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A very interesting feature is the matchmakjng hull armor which is sloped at 70 degrees. The first design resembled an matchmmaking World War I tank with a Matilda II turret on top and a French 75mm gun mounted in the front plate of the hull. This is a massive advantage at times since you can 1 v 1 against pretty much any tank you are pitted against due to the great gun and HP pool. War Shaming has already fudged the payout on several premiums so they earn less.

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Macthmaking believed that matcmaking tanks would not be able to deal with such conditions, and one of the most influential was Sir Albert Stern, who had been secretary to the Landships Committee in the First World War. At some point, you need to be fair with people who paid real money for something in perticular. It works in following manner. If I paid for something and you want to change it, you have to give me the opportunity to get back my money and you get back your tank. Removing pref MM will give me harder matches and probably less credits.

Matchmaking Wot tog ii

If you buy something and it does not give you satisfaction for any reason, the merchant has to take it back. Most premium otg have lowered battle tiers Matchmaker doesn't jatchmaking You don't want to refund, then don't change it. You cannot change something you sold for real money. These tanks are used by people for some precise purposes, changing their MM to regular MM make them as good or as bad as any other prem tanks and again, for my part, the ONLY reason why I bought them was for pref MM. That's a complete non sense. It's like you go to the grocery store, you buy a dozen eggs and when you get home, inside the box it says:

5503 5504 5505 5506 5507