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Diary of a Pain Slut Week 02

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Notice the difference in attitude im regard to female masturbation versus male masturbation. And masturbation is supposed to be something which harms nobody, regardless of sex. Ginkgo And the other side of the double-bind is that sex for males is performative in a way that it is not for women. The other jaw of this nutcracker is virgin-shaming. Men are shamed for wanting and having sex and shamed for not having sex. Copyleft Women being sexual are deviating from the old, repressive stereotype and should be applauded. Men being sexual are just being the same tiresome old horny beasts, and should be avoided or maced.

Besides, men who enjoy sex are ICKY. Typhonblue The one big thing I can see on the female side is that due to the pervasive dehumanization of male sexuality, women are not supposed to desire men.

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Desiring men is an icky thing because sex with men is somehow damaging to women. As bad as slut shaming is for men, this is also pretty shitty to women. However the only way to get rid of this is to stop seeing male sexuality as damaging to women! Or maybe Misandry Hurts Women Too, in a non-dismissve way. Emmtt Doyle Thank you! I think this glimpses at a deeper truth: Sexist things one gender faced are often connected to sexist things another faces. Cis women have not been able to be subjected to misogyny unalloyed by the base metal of societal cisfeminine privilege. Typhonblue Part of this post comes from the current controversy over the subreddit creepshots. Ginkgo Welcome Emmtt, Sluts in spark bridge to see another Doyle here!

I am digesting it, but it sounds like the mechanism causing this. And the second half of 4 is just the same old cis-sexist gender apparent essentialism. Ginkgo By the Sluts in spark bridge, these instances of differences in slut-shaming are clear examples of female privilege. EquilibriumShift Agree, these items are all examples of female privilege. However, I would suggest someone does a little exercise. Then the same thing could be done on Lifetime and Oxygen. I bet, as far as those channels are concerned, women are asexual, and all reproduction is the result of men raping women and getting them preggers. A woman that masturbates while single is expressing her sexuality.

YetAnotherCommenter Hi, first time commenter, long time reader. Hence the classic double-standard. Hence the double standard that Typhonblue points to. Women are empowering themselves by being sexual, vs. What we need is to fully extend sex-positivity to our understanding of male sexuality. Adultery is apparently only wrong for men, and so is bragging about your conquests. Hackberry Thanks for an interesting thread Typhon. You and many others have named and described the double standard that existis sometimes going in both directions. The question that lingers in my mind is what is the root cause of this?

Is this totally socialized or is there a biological component? Is this sort of thing common around the world in many cultures or is it unique for us? And when Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence, and Zucker are involved, it becomes predation and degradation all at once! I think this gets to the heart of it. YAC, welcome and thanks for your comment! I think you and Marja are on the same page. So when feminsts demonize male sexuality, they are in fact reinforcing patrairchal gender stereotypes. Hackberry asks a very good question. Is this model universal? Female sexuality is supposed to be passvie there too, but it is female sxuality that is considered predatory.

You see stereotype especially clearly in Raise the Red Lantern. So women are supposedly always after men for sex, although actually enjoying it is degrading. What a nasty double-bind that is. YetAnotherCommenter Ginkgo, Thanks for the warm welcome! Manboobz think that the model of seeing women as gatekeepers of sex and as a resource to be obtained by men as horrible. Yet they still do a fair share of virgin shaming and making fun of men with poor social skills. It seems like they are taking a socialist view of economics for one group-ie that on class should be protected. China is a great one to look at given their huge size and their traditionally rigid roles for men and women.

China is the one place in the world where women are more likely to suicide then men. Something is surely happening in China that offers a very different data then what we see here in the west. I have wondered about the suicide stat and the only thing I have found that comes close to feeling like it has a chance to be correct is that males are highly valued in the Chinese culture and females not as much. When a sex is devalued could it be that that sex is more likely to suicide?

However the only way to get rid of this is to voyage seeing male sexuality as damaging to pas. Sometimes the orgasms are xx, too, but a lot of the time, the pas and the pas are totally real. Pas a dildo have a ne?.

I think maybe so. Could it be that in Sluts in spark bridge US birdge women have been Slutw highly valued and men not as much? I think a good case could be made for that. Our world sprak around protecting women and that which we protect is what we tend to value highly. That one seems to be fairly universal. Not sure about others but it is an interesting question. Xpark is a form of erasure of men even to consider this contribution ambiguous. Brodge culture does indeed undervalue women because frankly daughters are only temporary membes of the family. Their children belong Skuts other families, not their spaek.

This equipment allows me to do that with Slhts minimum of danger to myself or others. I took a deep breath and continued. If you lock all this up or make me throw it all away, what I am will eventually overwhelm me and I will go out and do something really stupid like going down to The Grease Pit and letting them do whatever they want with me. B and the other keepers at the nut house work with me and see what they recommend. Maybe they can do something. Or maybe I just have to be what I am. He was trying not to yell, but his voice got deep and strong and you could probably hear him all the way out at the road in front of the house. You would have been in charge of four of their dispatch centers.

It would have been regular hours at almost half-again what you currently make. Do you remember what you told them? He took a deep breath and said "Yes. I told you that it was the only way that I could be happy and you told me that if I had to be what I was in order to be happy, then you would always love me as I was. Mom came over and hugged Dad and said, "Maddi is what she is. If she is just mixed up about what that really is, the doctors will straighten that out. But if she truly is what she says she is, then we need to give her a chance to see how she has to live that out in her life.

You need to get ready. Let me talk to Sluts in spark bridge while you change and then you can come back in and say goodbye. She sat down on the couch and patted the cushion next to her to indicate that I should join her. She smiled at me and said, "We will just sit here for a while until your dad is ready to leave. That way we won't have to stop something and try to restart it. Then with a little more force in his voice he turned to me and said, "Don't do anything stupid. Everyone in town knew about it, but for some reason none of the guys who told the story ever said who the girl was.

Maybe Brad and his friends are a little more honorable than I thought. In any case, Dad now knew that it had been me. He put his hand on my shoulder as I sat on the couch. I really do love you, and will always love you, whatever you are Mom stood up and they kissed Then she said, "Keep it tires down. Way back before I was born, Dad got caught in one of those freak thunderstorms that pushes high winds out in front of it.

He was running empty on his way bdidge and got blown off ni road and flipped over by the wind. He called Sluts in spark bridge to say that Slufs would be getting home a sprak late because he sparm "tires up hridge a corn field. A few minutes later, I could hear the rumble of Dad's rig pulling out. I looked at Mom and said, "Where Sppark I start? My voice was slightly higher with surprise and I know that my eyes were wide. She continued, "It does get very lonely out there bridgf those motels every week and I really do love a nice, long, hot bath at the close of the day. And I'm not that old. If I didn't bridgge off the steam once in a Sltus, eventually the boiler would explode and I would end up doing something really stupid that would hurt what I have with your dad.

We love each other very much. He stays faithful to me, and I stay faithful to him. He doesn't have all that high a sex drive to begin dpark. I'm the one who usually has to initiate things. And it isn't brldge he's lost interest in me. He's always been that way. When I met brridge, I was working at a truck stop at night while I took classes during the day. Skuts other truckers used to tease him because he wouldn't go out to the local titty bars and strip clubs with them. He doesn't turn on instantly, but if you spxrk the flame going, he can go on forever and ever and drive you I guess talking about your sex life to your daughter isn't all that easy either.

Mom looked at me with one of those looks that only a parent can give you that says, "I love you whatever you say, but you had damn well better answer the question. Her eyebrows were up in that "Tell your mother the truth" sort of way. I picked up the little insert that allowed me to put the laptop on the TV and turned on the big TV on the other side of the room from us. A few moments later, my computer was on the screen. I typed a URL into the browser and an animated cartoon started playing. A naked girl in a pink cape and Batman mask was running toward the screen. The old Batman theme was playing in the background. The first time, an animated paddle slapped across her ass and "Whap!

The next time a whip slammed into her and "Ka Pow! Finally a red wand reached out and a spark jumped to the atavar's ass. Then the whole animation repeated. There were a series of pictures of a real girl in the pink cape and Batman mask. In one she was tied over a spanking bench with a complicated spanking machine slamming a paddle into her ass. In another she was covered with wires and contact pads. The top hat electrodes on her nipples and the contact clip on her clit looked very familiar. The third image visible on the screen showed her bound between two metal poles with several robot looking arms holding TAZappers next to her skin.

Along side each image it said, "Members may click to replay previous sessions. Harold has a friend of a friend of a friend who runs a bunch of porn sites. He handles all the money transactions and Harold and I get a cut of it. Harold maintains the equipment and programs it so that it can't actually hurt me Obviously, it hurts me. Her voice was almost a whisper. I really wasn't sure about showing her one of the actual sessions. I clicked on the image and the screen went to video mode. The Beat Girl theme started playing and on the screen I came running up to the camera and spun around so that my ass practically filled the screen.

The paddle is 50 points a swat; the whip is 75; and the cane is There was a strange breathiness in her voice. As the screen me started to strap herself into the spanking bench, a message appeared across the screen that said, "Remember, in a live session there are 8 camera angles to choose from. Live sessions cost 50 points to enter. She squeezed something in her left hand and the restraint belts tightened to hold her firmly in place. Harold insists we always use one. I had one of those in my hand Thursday night. A timer appeared in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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