Skill based matchmaking trials of osiris

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Destiny: Trials of Osiris matchmaking still skill-based

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Bear in mind that going by destinytracker. How matchmking Bungie just overlook this?! How Can Bungie Fix This? If a fireteam of any size has a player in it that has already made it flawless once, then they should be placed into this alternative queue and play against other teams that have gone flawless already. It's simply a game of skill. And that's the problem.

Matchmaking trials osiris of Skill based

Matchamking of Osiris is a game of skill in which there is no skill-based matchmaking. This isn't unusual for Destiny, as none of the PvP games' matchmaking is based on skill, but it's much, much more noticeable in Trials because of the much higher stakes. There are no respawns in Trials; if you go down, your team has to revive you, and that leaves them vulnerable. Also, with the smaller team size, the matches are much more tactical, and less chaotic. Players that thrive on the chaos of battle and getting opportunistic kills from said chaos aren't going to fare well in the much more deliberate Trials of Osiris gameplay.

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